About The Jewel Events

'The Jewel that is Jordan' founded The Jewel Events in 2003. This event took place for the first time in the stunning surroundings of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: 44 rare and classic cars set off from the Red Sea port of Aqaba to experience the breathtaking landscapes as well as all the historic destinations of the Kingdom. Continuing with this unique event, 'The Jewel' came back to The Kingdom in 2005, this time with 56 precious vintage vehicles. In May 2007, 41 extraordinary vehicles were invited back to The Kingdom to join again 'The Jewel that is Jordan III’. This became one of the most prestigious motoring events in the world today, 'The Jewel That is Jordan IV’ was scheduled for October 2008 through the amazing demand for this adventure.

’The Jewel that is Europe’ is a motoring adventure across Europe another Jewel Event. Created for those with suitable cars, to navigate roads that pass through spectacular scenery with the most amazing vistas. 'The Jewel of Europe I’ started from the Chateau de Montfort in France, situated in the 'Périgord Noir' region; famous for its black truffle and foiegras. The journey took the cars through many historic and scenic places in France and Italy. The Grand Finale Gala Dinner was held at the Palazzo Ducale di Monforte in the picturesque village of Fragneto Monforte; a stone's throw from the Almafi Coast. 'The Jewel That is Europe II’, started from Beaulieu Sur-Mer, on the 6th June, 2008 which finished once again at The Palazzo Ducale to be followed by a Black Tie Gala Dinner on the 13th of June, 2008, by gracious invitation of The Princess Pignatelli di Strongoli; overlooking the spectacular Bay of Naples on the rooftop of her private Palace.

In September 2007, The Jewel Events produced 'The Jewel That is China’, the first time private cars from many countries from around the world travelled from Shanghai to Beijing, a truly unique experience for all those involved and produced at the request of the Government of the People's Republic of China, the gala dinner being held in the Great Hall Of The People.

The first 'The Jewel Of The Cape’ was held in February 2009. Fourteen days of shear luxury, the finest hotels, wine and food one could imagine, as well as a driving experience that did not fail to astonish the participants, the routes without exception were scenic to the extent of being awesome, never failing to offer excitement and visual beauty. Since then we have revisited Portugal in 2018 another superb event.

We have in addition done many events in different parts of Switzerland and Europe including Bordeaux, Piemonte to name but a few.

In addition we have organised the Western United States as well as the East coast, not withstanding Argentina, Chile and New Zealand North as well as South Islands.

It is our intention always to make all our events unfor gettable, in every possible way! culinary experience, enjoying the best regional food and wine available. We endeavour, in every way, to discover routes and special unique private venues and homes that astonish our participants which offers them unsurpassed life style and driving experiences.

We at the Jewel Events do it like no other, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail.